DRAWING Beginning drawing students start with a study of geometric shapes and forms and how they relate to various objects. Students generally spend one hour of class working on fundamental concepts and one hour applying those things learned to drawing a subject of their choice. Students work with pencil and charcoal. Skills taught include drawing geometric shapes and forms, the effects of light and shadow, shading, introduction to perspective drawing and various drawing techniques. Students who have had considerable drawing experience or have completed Beginning Drawing may further perfect their drawing skills with intermediate to Advanced Drawing. Studies include perspective drawing, anatomy of human and animal forms, portraits and composition. PASTELS Students who have completed a basic drawing course or already have experience drawing may elect to study pastel painting. Soft (versus oil) pastels are used for this discipline. Students continue to utilize drawing skills, learn to develop compositions and create works in a full array of color. Techniques are taught which help the student achieve the desired results, and confidence builds as the student learns to portray subject matter of increasing difficulty. OILS, ACRYLICS and WATERCOLORS Classes are taught for beginning to advanced students. Beginning students work with a limited palette, learning to recognize color combinations and mix colors. A color wheel and a value chart are completed before actual painting begins. Drawing skills continue to be used for pre-painting sketches. Students are taught to use the implements of painting and how to apply paint to achieve various effects. Awareness of the effect of light and shadow is stressed throughout all classes. Different styles are discussed and the student is encouraged to create a variety of paintings of different subject matter using various techniques. Intermediate to advanced painting instruction is designed to further refine the skills of the student artist. Added emphasis is placed on individual creativity and expression. Additional colors are added to the palette, and more difficult paintings with more complex composition and subject matter are accomplished. Finding the artist’s style is explored and encouraged. OTHER MEDIA Additional media may also be offered as qualified teachers join our team of instructors. Please call to get our schedule of upcoming classes.
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